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Cash For Cars in Corona Got Me Into A New Camper

Corona is one of the best spots in California.

Close enough to Los Angeles, yet also near plenty of hiking trails and parks, Corona offers the best of both urban life and the wilderness. I love to camp on the weekends; I'll grab my dog, pack up my car, and we'll drive off to explore Joshua Tree National Park or Cleveland National Forest. Several years ago, I bought an old VW van that I ran into the ground. My dog and I traveled all over California, and while the memories will last a lifetime, I wish I could forget all the grief that van caused. When my VW finally kicked the bucket, I upgraded to a new Sprinter van - quite the upgrade and envy of my friends!

Instead of trying to resell a busted VW van (which are in the thousands in California), I called Cash For Cars in Corona.

While everyone loves the classic WV camper, they are temperamental cars that cost a fortune to maintain. I knew that if I found the right person, they'd buy a van that wouldn't run - but I didn't want to deal with putting the car up for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Selling cars online often turns into a nightmare of bartering and back-and-forth, and I did not have the time or energy to deal with that. Cash For Cars in Corona will buy your junk car fast, and with no hassle.

When I called Cash For Cars, I explained what was wrong with the van. They told me that Cash For Cars in Corona will buy any vehicle, running or not. Their office even offers a free towing service to pick up junk cars that they buy. My VW van, at the time, sat in my driveway collecting rust and dust, so a free tow sounded perfect.

I told them that I wanted to sell, and wanted to know how much cash I'd receive. Cash For Cars took down some information about the van: age, condition, damage, etc., and after a few minutes on hold, they calculated a cash offer. Since VW vans are so popular, even though mine didn't run, the vehicle itself still had value. I was pleasantly surprised by their offer!

I liked working with Cash For Cars because they never pressured me to take their offer, nor did they try to sell me another vehicle. Cash For Cars in Corona isn't a dealership - they only buy vehicles from private sellers. From the outset, they were transparent about their process and willing to work quickly to get me paid. I appreciated their no-nonsense approach, which is why I accepted their cash offer.

After we agreed on the selling price, I made an appointment for a certified buyer to take a look at the van. I wanted my driveway rid of the junk car, so I scheduled a visit for as soon as possible. The buyer arrived right on time. He was very polite and friendly - just like the agent I spoke to on the phone. Cash For Cars had prepared most of the sale paperwork ahead of time, which saved a lot of time and eliminated a lot of headaches. He explained that he would take a few minutes to verify the condition of the van, and, if everything matched the estimate, we could finish the sale.

Since I gave a ton of details over the phone, the inspection took almost no time. He said that the condition and problems I described looked accurate to what he observed, and that the estimate we agreed on over the phone would be his final cash price.

I invited him into my living room, and we finished completing the sale paperwork. I handed over the keys, and he gave me cash. It was one of the easiest transactions I've ever done! Once we finished signing documents, he hooked up the van to his tow truck and hauled it to the Cash For Cars lot in Corona. I got my driveway back, along with a nice wad of cash.

The money I got from Cash For Cars has helped me afford gas for my new Sprinter - so far, I've put in 5 or 6 weekend trips along the California coast. Last week, I drove up to Santa Barbara and enjoyed the sunshine on the beach. I love that I can travel long distances without breaking down on the highway!

My dog and I both love the upgraded van, and, if my puppy could talk, I'm sure she'd be just as happy with Cash For Cars as I am. If you need to get rid of your junk car, without a lot of hassle, Cash For Cars in Corona will work hard to get you paid, fast. When you're ready to sell, call Cash For Cars in Corona to get a free quote.