I Got A New Rod And Reel, Thanks To Cash For Cars In Hemet

Who doesn't love spending time at Diamond Valley Lake? I've gone fishing at the lake since I was a kid, and, now, as an adult, I'm taking my own children there as often as I can. Diamond Valley Lake is one of the highlights of living in Hemet, and I'm glad I can enjoy it as much as possible. I recently treated myself to a new rod and reel - one that, under normal circumstances, would be out of my price range. Cash For Cars in Hemet gave me more for my old, junk car than I expected, so I had money to treat myself with!

My old car was a Chevy Cobalt, with too many miles on the odometer and more accidents than a demolition derby. I'd bought it new, when I was in my early 20s, and managed to run it into the ground since then. While it was a great vehicle for driving around town, I used my truck more often - a good suspension system is necessary when driving on Hemet's rough roads. For months, the Cobalt just took up space in my garage.

I called Cash For Cars in Hemet, since they buy any junk car - and pay in cash.

I'd heard about Cash For Cars from a friend of mine, who said that they bought his junk car quickly, and even towed it off of his property for free. He had an old beater that wouldn't start, but Cash For Cars still gave him money. My friend told me that if I called their office, an agent would explain the entire process from start to finish, and that they'd give me a cash offer for my vehicle. I didn't feel like putting a For Sale sign in the Cobalt's window, and didn't want to deal with offers on Craigslist, so Cash For Cars seemed like a great choice.

Cash For Cars explained, over the phone, how their buying process works:

1. Call Cash For Cars and describe the vehicle you're selling. Give them the details on make and model, mileage, condition, and whether it runs or not. They'll buy any car, so there's no need to worry about being turned down.

2. Cash For Cars will calculate an offer. There's no obligation to agree to their price - if you don't like the offer, you can walk away from the deal. I like that Cash For Cars in Hemet is a no-nonsense business. They aren't a dealership, so no need to worry about trade-ins or being pressured to buy another car. Cash For Cars only buys from private sellers, so there's no middleman.

3. If you accept their price, a certified buyer will visit the car and finish the sale. Cash For Cars is a local company, with buyers available to visit you at home, on your schedule.

It sounded too easy. I didn't think that selling a vehicle could be that simple, but I agreed to let Cash For Cars give me an offer. They came back with an offer that I didn't expect - considering all the damage I'd done to my junk car. I accepted their price, and set up a time to complete the sale.

Cash For Cars in Hemet worked with me to make the sale as easy as possible.

When the buyer arrived at my home, he had most of the sale paperwork ready to go. He answered all the questions I had about the sale, and explained that I would get cash for my car. After he introduced himself, he went to my garage and did a brief inspection on the Cobalt. He explained that Cash For Cars verifies the condition of the cars before they make the final decision to buy. It only took a few minutes, and once he finished, we sat down in my kitchen and finished the paperwork.

I got paid right away, and handed the keys over to Cash For Cars. They hooked my car up to a tow truck (my friend was right, they do haul-away for free) and were on their way. What could've taken months of listing the car for sale - and going back and forth between potential buyers - Cash For Cars did in a matter of minutes. I got the cash I wanted, and they got my junk car. The entire process was quick and painless.

I'd been eyeing a new rod and reel for some time, and now that I had some extra cash, it seemed like the right time to buy. I'm glad I got rid of the old Cobalt and bought something I'd use. My family loves to spend time at the lake, so I think I've already gotten my money's worth out of the investment.

If you're thinking of selling a junk car in Hemet, I highly recommend calling Cash For Cars for their no-obligation quote. You'll end up with cash much sooner than trying to sell on your own, without any hassle.