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Cash For Cars in Lake Elsinore Helped Me Afford a Summer of Fun

There's no better feeling than clocking out of your last work shift before a long vacation. You can feel the burden lift off of your shoulders as you walk out the door; a smile creeps up on your face as you put your phone on silent. No boss, no drama, no worries!

Does that sound like a dream?

For years, a vacation was, for me, as likely as winning the lottery. I never had the opportunity to save up for a getaway - I'd try to save part of my tax return as a vacation fund, but always wound up needing the funds for other expenses. I never wanted to dip into my Savings, but dreamed of having enough to spend some time on the water.

Thanks to Cash For Cars in Lake Elsinore, I got the cash I needed to take my first vacation in ages.

No more sitting at home, bored and staring at my friends' Facebook photos. I got out of California and took the epic ocean cruise I'd always dreamed of!

How did I get the money I needed to escape from the office? I inherited an old, but running, Buick from my uncle, which did nothing but sit on the street for months. The car was an ugly beast, and I wanted the parking space in front of my house back. One day, I did a little research online, and found Cash For Cars.

Cash For Cars will offer cash for junk cars in Lake Elsinore, whether they're running or not. No need to worry about damage or passing a Smog Check; Cash For Cars will accept all vehicles in all stages of repair. Not to mention, they make the entire process efficient and pay quickly!

Selling my vehicle to Cash For Cars worked like this:

1. I contacted Cash For Cars in Lake Elsinore, and spoke to the courteous and friendly staff at the office. I gave a quick rundown of the vehicle's make, model, age and condition. They were able to give me a no-obligation quote (which was much higher than I expected - I didn't know that I had a classic car!)

2. Once I agreed to the offered price, I set up an appointment for a Cash For Cars representative to look at the car. Their professional staff showed up with the paperwork ready to go.

3. Once they verified the vehicle's condition, I handed Cash For Cars the keys. They gave me my vacation money, and got the beastly car off of the street.

I had a great experience with Cash For Cars; the entire process was quick and easy. If you've got an old vehicle taking up space and want to earn some cash fast, Cash For Cars in Lake Elsinore will help tremendously.

Some perks of selling your old, damaged, or junk car to Cash For Cars are worth mentioning:

• Cash For Cars in Lake Elsinore will tow-away your vehicle from your home for free. If your car won't run, there's no need to worry about fees associated with moving it. Other businesses may charge for towing your vehicle, or force you to deliver it to their office for payment.

• When calculating a price for your vehicle, Cash For Cars considers a lot of different factors. Age and condition may affect the price, but, in my case, I ended up with a higher offer than what I expected.

• The staff at Cash For Cars never pressured me to take their offer. The representatives that I spoke with knew a lot about my car, and, from start to finish, were transparent about the selling process. Everyone was happy to answer any questions I had, which made me feel like I decided to sell to the right people.

• Cash For Cars is a local business that focuses on purchasing junk cars from individuals. I got paid in no time, with no hassle. I didn't have to worry about a trade-in or buying another car - after a phone call and one visit, Cash For Cars gave me the money I wanted for my vacation. It's a no-nonsense process that, in my case, was worth it.

My vacation was phenomenal, and sorely needed. I dreamed about spending time on the ocean for so long, but I never thought I'd have the money to pay for it. Without the phone call to Cash For Cars, I would've never made the effort to plan and take a vacation. I'm glad I got the time away to recharge my batteries, I needed it far more than I realized! I highly recommend making a phone call to Cash For Cars in Lake Elsinore for a no-obligation offer. The money you could receive for your old or damaged car might finance your next getaway.