Cash For Cars in Palm Springs Paid For My Weekend Getaway

There's always a fun activity or event in Palm Springs - whether it's golfing, horseback riding, or shopping at one of the many boutiques in town. With no shortage of things to do, it's easy to watch your spending money quickly drain out of your wallet. Recently, I wanted to take a "staycation" in town - stay at a nice resort, turn off my phone, and spend a couple of days getting pampered at the spa. I had just finished an intense project at work, and desperately needed to decompress before returning to work on Monday. Unfortunately, I wasn't too sure if I had the funds to splurge on a premium spa package. I'd already taken several vacations this year, and my "treat yourself" fund was running a little thin. Cash For Cars gave me an easy and quick way to make money and pay for the vacation I sorely needed.

I inherited my father's Ford Mustang when he passed away five years ago. A project car of his, Dad's car had been collecting dust in my garage since his death (I don't know much about cars, but knew that Dad had given up on trying to fix the thing). Ready to reclaim my storage space in the garage, I called Cash For Cars in Palm Springs. After reading about them online, I was curious to hear what they had to offer.

When Cash For Cars picked up the phone, they told me right away that they will give cash for junk cars in Palm Springs. It didn't matter that the Mustang's engine wouldn't start, or that it showed signs of significant wear and tear. They promised a quick and easy junk car removal process, that would get my car out of my garage, and replace it with cash to spend right away. It sounded too good to be true!

First, Cash For Cars calculated the value of my vehicle.

On the phone, I described the make, model, age and condition of the car. Cash For Cars explained how they calculated their offer, and stated that they offered quotes with no obligation. They told me that if I didn't like the offer, I didn't have to accept it - which put my mind at ease. I also liked that they weren't trying to sell me another car, or use the Mustang for trade-in value; Cash For Cars in Palm Springs only deals with buying junk cars. I knew that I wanted the cash (and not another vehicle), so I loved not sitting through a sales pitch. After a few minutes on the phone, the friendly representative came back with a fair offer, that I accepted.

Next, I made an appointment for Cash For Cars to take a look at my Mustang.

After coming to an agreed price, I set up an appointment for a certified buyer to visit my home. Since the Mustang wouldn't run, Cash For Cars offered to tow away the vehicle for free. I wouldn't have to worry about bringing it to their lot, or losing money out of the deal to pay for towing services. Cash For Cars also explained that they would take care of the paperwork, and detailed what I needed to do to facilitate the sale.

Cash For Cars in Palm Springs showed up on time and ready to buy.

The buyer arrived at my home, as scheduled, and did a quick inspection of the vehicle. He explained that he needed to verify the condition of the vehicle with the original offer. Once he finished, we completed the paperwork and handed me my vacation money. I was so impressed with how quickly they hooked up and towed away the car - it made me regret not calling Cash For Cars sooner!

I got paid at once, which set me up for my weekend getaway.

I didn't wait for the money to show up in my bank account - I got paid on the spot. As soon as I had the cash, I could feel the tension release from my body. I could go on my staycation and not worry if I'd overspent my money. Even better, I could splurge on the spa package I wanted!

Cash For Cars in Palm Springs is a perfect choice for anyone with an old, junk car that they need to sell. If you don't want to worry about an unreliable buyer, or feel pressured into a sale - they are an excellent company that will give you your money, fast. As a local, trusted business with great customer service, they maximize your time and money by keeping the process simple and communicating through every step. If you're in need of some cash flow, whether it's for a vacation or something else, I suggest you give Cash For Cars in Palm Springs a call and ask for a free quote.