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Cash For Cars in Indio Paid For My Coachella Tickets

Living in Indio has its perks.

With the Empire Polo Club, fabulous golf courses, and nearby casinos, there are plenty of activities around the city. Undoubtedly, though, the highlight of living in Indio is the Coachella Music Festival! Every year, phenomenal musicians and celebrities pour into town for two weekends of nonstop partying. Going to a music festival feels like an experience of a lifetime - I've been fortunate enough to attend Coachella every year since moving to the area.

Some years, it's been easier to afford tickets than others.

I know that I am attending the festival every year, so I always try to set aside money for tickets. But, emergencies happen (like this year, when the water heater in my house broke) and the money I saved needs to be used elsewhere. It's not that I don't keep a strict budget, but I feel more comfortable using the Coachella money before dipping into my Savings account. After the water heater disaster this year, I wasn't sure if I would ever recover the money to pay for my festival pass.

I heard about Cash For Cars in Indio, and thought that selling my old car would be a solution to my cash flow problem.

Cash For Cars in Indio will buy junk cars, in any shape or condition. They frequently buy damaged vehicles, cars that won't run, and cars that won't pass a Smog Check. No matter what kind of car you want to sell, they will give a cash offer and pay fast. For example, I had an old, junk car that was great for putting around town, and not much else. I had bought a new vehicle years earlier, but kept the old car around on the off-chance I'd need it. Since I couldn't remember the last time I drove it, I thought that selling was a good idea.

I called Cash For Cars in Indio, and told them I was thinking of selling my car.

When Cash For Cars answered the phone, they greeted me warmly and explained how their buying process works:

1. Cash For Cars in Indio calculates the value of your junk car (based on age, condition, make and model)
2. You'll receive a no-obligation, cash price offer for your car
3. If you accept their offer, Cash For Cars will send a certified buyer to inspect the vehicle and complete the sale
4. You'll get paid (in cash)!

I didn't believe that the selling process could be that simple. I asked if they expected me to buy a car from their lot (or use my junk car as a trade-in) and they told me that Cash For Cars isn't a dealership. Cash For Cars in Indio deals solely with buying cars from private sellers, so no walking on a sales floor or hearing a sales pitch.

I mentioned that I hadn't used my car for some time, and didn't know if the engine worked.

The agent at Cash For Cars told me that they offer a free towing service for cars like mine. Since Cash For Cars purchases vehicles that won't run, they pick up any car they buy and haul it away, free of charge. I wouldn't need to worry about hauling the vehicle to the junkyard or traveling to a car lot - Cash For Cars would take care of the logistics.

Cash For Cars offered me a fair price, that would cover the cost of my Coachella tickets.

I agreed to make an appointment for a certified buyer to see the vehicle. Cash For Cars had a wide availability for appointments, so I made one that fit my schedule. The gentleman who arrived from Cash For Cars was polite and knowledgeable, and explained the buying process for me again. I'm glad that he took the time to make sure I understood the process.

Cash For Cars made completing the sale a breeze.

The seller who arrived at my home had prepared most of the paperwork, which made the transaction so much faster. After he verified the car's condition, we completed the sale, and I got the cash I needed! Once I had my money, the buyer hauled away the car. The sale went so smoothly; I was both surprised and impressed.

Thanks to Cash For Cars, I didn't miss out on Coachella this year. As always, I had a blast, and made more memories and friends than the year before. If I hadn't made the phone call to Cash For Cars, I wouldn't have known how much my junk car was worth. Cash For Cars will buy any junk car in Indio, with professionalism and quality service - and pay cash, fast. My Coachella experience could've never happened without Cash For Cars; I'm so glad that I called and asked for an offer.