Cash For Cars in Wildomar Helped Me Move On

The Green Machine: my trusty 1998 Honda Accord, and my first love.

I bought her from a family friend as soon as I got my Driver's License. Little did I know that she would take me on ten years of adventures, worth hundreds of thousands of miles, with no issues.

Until, of course, there were issues.

Some problems were easy to ignore, like the musty smell of the interior, or the cigarette burn on the passenger's seat. I had to replace a side mirror after a hit-and-run incident. Rusty patches popped up like pimples on an 8th Grader. I didn't feel any major concern, since these were all just cosmetic issues. As the odometer crept higher and higher, I convinced myself that the mighty Green Machine would last forever. Sometime around year 8 or 9, I put the electrical tape over the Check Engine light and thought, "if it's still running, why bother fixing it?"

About a year and a half later, I realized: I probably should have done a little more maintenance. But, she lasted for 300,000 miles - a long and happy life!

With my old friend out of service, I needed a plan. How do I find a home for her, and set myself up to buy another car?

I assumed she'd be worthless as a trade-in; for the 10-ish years I'd owned her, my diligence with maintenance and cleanliness wavered (often in proportion to my stress level). Not to mention, I had no way of moving her out of my driveway. I had hoped that one of my "gear-head" friends would want her as a project car - but most of the offers I sent out fell through. As much as I loved her, she had to go!

I contacted Cash For Cars in Wildomar, since they have a location close to where I live.

I explained my situation over the phone to a nice gentleman, who told me that even though my vehicle wasn't running, Cash For Cars would tow it away for free. I then explained how my Green Machine had a lot of time and miles under her belt, and that it affected her condition. He told me that Cash For Cars in Wildomar accepts all cars: running or not, junkers or classic models, and with or without a Smog Check. They use the make, model, year and condition to create a fair, no-obligation offer. He told me not to feel pressured to accept their price, which put my mind at ease.

Cash For Cars' process works like this:

1. Call their office in Wildomar and speak to a representative. Explain your situation and give a brief description of the vehicle's condition.
2. Receive a no-obligation quote.
3. If you accept their offer, a representative will stop by your home and verify your vehicle's condition.
4. Sign the paperwork, say goodbye to your junk car, and get paid!

At this point in our phone conversation, I knew I needed my car out of my life, so I set up an appointment for Cash For Cars to stop by my place and look at my vehicle.

The next day, another representative arrived, checked out the Green Machine, and agreed to pay the amount offered in the quote. I got a little nostalgic as I watched them hook my Green Machine up to the tow truck. I had made a lot of memories with that car - I felt like I was losing a friend! It reassured me that Cash For Cars was such a polite and professional business, otherwise I'm not sure if I'd ever let her go!

Cash For Cars paid me right away, which was a big relief. I had money in hand that I could use at once - which helped me considerably, since I needed another vehicle as soon as possible. Having that extra bit of cash when visiting the dealership came in handy!

My new car isn't green (unfortunately), but she's just as reliable and a little more mature. I'm not riding around with the cheesy bumper stickers I loved at age 17, and I'm no longer staring at an abstract art painting when I look down at my floor mats. The new car, who is yet to be named, looks crisp and clean. I also love the new technology on the inside - I no longer have to explain what a Cassette Tape deck is, or why I had one!

Saying farewell to a great car doesn't need to be a bad experience. Thanks to the people at Cash For Cars in Wildomar, I got the money for a new vehicle without a lot of hassle. They made the process easy, and gave the Green Machine a new home (not in my driveway).