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I Sold My Son's Junk Car to Cash For Cars in Winchester

Even though my children are fully grown, they still like to visit the house, and help my husband and I in any way they can. I'm fortunate to have such a strong family that takes care of one another. Kids, of course, always need their parents - whether it's for advice, babysitting, or for using their garage as storage space. For example, my oldest son is a bit of a car collector. He impulsively bought a "project" car that, he realized, could not fit in his garage. After some pleading and begging, my husband and I agreed to let my son use the space in one of our barns, while he figured out what to do.

Five years on, the car still sat in my barn: now with four flat tires and covered in dust. I knew that my son would never touch this car, so, after months of nagging, I convinced him to call Cash For Cars in Winchester. Cash For Cars is a junk car buyer that will buy any vehicle, no matter how long it's sat in a garage. Like it says in their name, they offer cash for cars - whether they run or not - regardless of their condition. Cash For Cars will even buy cars that won't pass a Smog Test. My son thought that maybe someone else would want to buy the car, but I wasn't willing to let the car sit around for another five years while he tried to sell. I knew that Cash For Cars would work to make the sale and move the car, without any prolonging or extra hassle.

Cash For Cars in Winchester makes it easy to sell a junk car:

1. Call Cash For Cars and speak to an agent. They'll ask for a description of the vehicle you'd like to sell, including any damage or major issues.
2. Cash For Cars will calculate an offer for your vehicle. There's no obligation to accept their price, so no need to feel pressured into making the sale.
3. If you agree to sell, Cash For Cars will send a buyer to your home to complete the transaction. They offer complimentary towing services to move the vehicle quickly and easily.
4. Once the paperwork is complete, Cash For Cars will pay you (in cash).

I recommended Cash For Cars to my son because they are a local, trusted company. I'd heard great stories about them; in particular, about how their agents had friendly and helpful attitudes. When my son contacted Cash For Cars in Winchester, they helped him right away, and within moments he received a cash offer for his junk car. Instead of letting the car rot in our barn for another five years, my son got a cash offer in minutes that he couldn't refuse.

Once the agent and my son agreed on a price, they arranged a meeting to look at the car and complete the sale. The buyer showed up at our home, on time, with most of the sale paperwork already finished. This sped up the entire process, and made it so much easier to finish the deal. The buyer verified the condition of the car with a quick walk-around and inspection. Once everything checked out, my son and the buyer signed paperwork, and traded the keys for cash.

Cash For Cars provided a tow truck, which hauled the vehicle away once the deal was complete. I was so glad to see that piece of junk finally move from our property! I was impressed with how quickly the agents at Cash For Cars worked to complete the sale. Within a matter of days, that junk car went from collecting dust to being hauled away. My son got paid on the spot, so I made sure to collect some "rental fees" for letting him store the junk car on our property.

I wish I could pass on all of the wisdom and experience I've gained with age. My kids, though they are responsible adults, still make impulsive and poor choices. Most of the time they listen to my advice, but, occasionally, they go on wild tears. I'm glad that I convinced my son to call Cash For Cars in Winchester. He got rid of the car, I got my barn back, and we both got a bit of extra spending money. I'm hoping that he learned his lesson about using our farm as storage space. Now that he has kids of his own, his car collecting habit has slowed down, much to my relief. If he does get the itch to buy another junk car, I'm making sure he keeps the Cash For Cars phone number saved - just in case his plans don't work out.